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Advanced Git and Github

Advanced Git and Github

Modern research involving data analysis increasingly uses programming to increase efficiency and allow for more effective use of data.As code becomes a more and more essential part of research activities, we need to treat it with the same care that we treat other research products. The first step towards more maintainable software development and data analysis is using version control on all research and analysis code. Git is a popular tool for tracking individual and collaborative development of code. 

This workshop takes a look at advanced usage and collaboration using Git and GitHub, including: the concept of branches, and how to manipulate them with merge and rebases, forks and pull requests, and we'll even rewrite history using rebase, and possible workflows.

To get the full benefits of this session, you should have attended the introductory Git and GitHub workshop, or already have familiarity with basic version control using Git (the commands "add", "commit", "log", "diff", "status")working with remotes ("git pull" and "git push") and handling merge conflicts. Please bring your own laptop with Git installed. 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Bobst Library, Rm. 619, 6th Floor
Bobst Library
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