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LL1 Bobst Adaptive Computing Room LL1-33 (NYU Libraries Adaptive Computing Rooms) Capacity: 2

LL1 Bobst Adaptive Computing Room LL1-33


To reserve and use these rooms you must be registered with the Moses Center for Student Accessibility and receive access to the adaptive computing rooms as part of your accommodation package.

Reservation System Accessibility Information

For those who use screen readers, an accessible non-table version of the reservation system. If you need accessibility support for the reservation system visit our accessibility services page for contact options. We are happy to help.

Room Description

  • Two individual rooms near the Bobst Library Computer Center (BLCC) service desk offer a variety of adaptive technology hardware and software.
  • The rooms are located on Lower Level 1 (LL1) and are accessible via elevators 1 and 2 in the east elevator bank, on Floor 1 of Bobst Library.


  • Kurzweil 1000 - reads books and other print materials aloud
  • CCTV - closed circuit enlargement of print materials
  • JAWS - allows users to listen to the contents of the computer’s screen
  • ZoomText - magnification and screen reading
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking - allows users to dictate, rather than type


  • PC (1)
  • Flatbed & book scanner (1)


  • Wheelchair accessible

Adaptive Computing Rooms Reservation Policies

Adaptive Computing Rooms Usage Policy and Guidelines (Google Docs) 

Help Information

Contact Library Accommodations in advance of your library visit for help with our services.

Accessible Friendly: Yes
Power Available: Yes


The rooms are located on Lower Level 1 (LL1) of Bobst Library behind the Bobst Library Computing Center (BLCC). Use the elevators 1 or 2 in the east elevator bank, on the ground floor of Bobst Library. Rooms are immediately on the left of the elevator on LL1. The door has a swipe lock, tap your NYU ID on the swipe lock pad to open.

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